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The Cambridge Law Review is a student-led journal. We welcome submissions on English law, EU law, and international law; comparative pieces involving English law; and submissions that are interdisciplinary or non-jurisdiction specific (e.g., technology regulation). We will also consider outstanding submissions that deal solely with the law of other common law jurisdictions, especially if the topic is likely to be of interest to a wider common law audience. This will typically be the case where the submission deals with a common law doctrine or a statutory rule that is shared between multiple common law jurisdictions. Submissions without this quality will only be considered on an exceptional basis. 


Our most important criterion for publication is that your submission relates to a contemporary legal issue, though we will also consider outstanding historical or jurisprudential pieces. Your submission should provide critical insight into the area of law you have chosen.


All submissions should be made using the form below. Please ensure that you have read our submission guidelines here

We accept submissions all year round, but submissions are not reviewed on a rolling basis and will only be reviewed after the relevant cut-off date has passed. The cut-off date for submissions to Volume 10, Issue 1 is 15 December 2024 (Sunday) at 23:59 UK time. Authors will be notified of the status of their submissions in mid-July 2024.

If you wish to submit to the Cambridge Law Journal (CLJ), which is managed by senior members of the Faculty of Law, University of Cambridge and generally receives submissions from established academics, please see here instead.

Our Privacy Notice can be found here.


Upload Submission

Microsoft Word documents (.doc, .docx) only, not Pages (.pages) or PDF (.pdf) files. Submissions received otherwise than as a Microsoft Word document will be rejected unless prior permission has been obtained from the Managing Board.

If you have any questions or concerns, or if there is

anything you would like us to know, please indicate them here.

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