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a.     international editor membership of the cambridge law review, volume v


The Managing Board of Volume VI of the Cambridge Law Review (CLR) is pleased to invite applications from law students from select universities of particular jurisdictions to participate in our International Editor programme. The programme allows students from non-English universities to work together with our Editors in the publication of Volume VI and, given that the CLR receives a fair number of submissions from other jurisdictions (particularly the USA, Canada, Australia, Singapore, and Hong Kong), to contribute their substantive expertise on the laws of their own jurisdiction.


International Editors of the CLR will be responsible for reviewing the quality of submissions to determine their suitability for publication and will be involved in the substantive editing of the submissions selected for publication. As far as possible, International Editors will edit works written on the laws of their jurisdiction. Successful applicants will appear on the CLR Masthead for Volume VI under the heading ‘International Editors’.

Persons interested in becoming an International Editor for the CLR should fill in the application form below. 

b.     membership application form


Why are you interested in joining the Cambridge Law Review as an International Editor?

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